We’ve been able to save some of our clients as much as 50% on their monthly TV bill.

And there’s two reasons why we can usually out bid your Cable company:

  1. We offer TV programming at a bulk rate. And these bulk rates are some of the most competitive in the nation.
  2. Our channel packages are very customizable.

Let me explain.

With traditional Cable channel packages, you’re paying for a big group of channels. And even though your residents only watch a handful of these channels (like Hallmark, TV Land, etc.), you’re still paying for LOTS of other channels that don’t get watched.

Our services work a little different.

Our channel packages are totally customizable and we offer lots of a la carte options.

And because you can create your own personalized channel lineup, you don’t have to purchase a big group of channels that don’t get watched.

Having this flexibility has saved some of our clients several THOUSAND dollars every single year.

We also have some of the most competitive bulk rate prices in the industry.

In fact, our base TV programming package start at only $4.99 per room!

And just because we can save you money doesn’t mean service suffers…

Not only do we have an A+ rating through the BBB,¬†but all our commercial clients get the owner’s cell phone number.

Try getting that from your local Cable Company.


You see…Cardinal TV is a small family owned business that’s been installing satellite systems since 2002.

And even though we’re a small company, we’ve worked with some HUGE client brands like:

  • EIU (Eastern Illinois University)
  • Piatt County
  • Richland County
  • Brookstone Estates
  • The Villas of Holly Brook
  • and many, many more…

We have an extensive list of references that will vouch for our “hometown” customer service.

Our specialty is providing TV programming for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.

So if your facility is looking for better, more affordable TV options for your residents…

Contact Us to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

We don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics and our number one goal is the satisfaction of you and your residents.