Information Channel

The information channel is one of our most popular products. Here’s how it works:

  • You or any staff member creates a PowerPoint presentation from any computer.
  • Add text, pictures, clip art, and any other desired content.
  • Save the presentation to a flash drive or memory stick.
  • Insert the flash drive into our player located in your building.
  • Your presentation automatically loops on every TV in your facility.

Our customers are using this channel to display food menus, announcements, specialized greetings for residents, in room bingo, or any other important information your residents need to know. You have complete control over all the content.

Some of our customers even sell advertising to local businesses in their area. Pharmacies, insurance companies, investment brokers, and restaurants will find value in advertising to your residents. The great thing about selling advertisement slots is your company keeps 100% of the revenue.

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